They Played for Their Lives: Film Screening and Special Guest

On Saturday January 26, 2019 at 3 pm Southmont High School will be hosting a screening of the one-hour documentary, They Played For Their Lives. The film was made by Dr. Nurit Jugend. Dr. Jugend is a composer, music lecturer, and private tutor currently residing in California. She gives music appreciation classes, seminars, and teaches regularly at the Continuing Education Program at Stanford University.

They Played For Their Lives uses interviews, testimony, and live performances to portray how music saved the lives of young musicians during the Holocaust. Music not only fosters spiritual strength within themselves and others, but it also helped them survive. The documentary follows the story of eight survivors. One by the name of Frank Grunwald, who resides in the Indianapolis area. Frank will be present for the screening and will play us a few songs on his accordion after the documentary and answer questions. This documentary brings home the point that music and the arts are a universal language, and brings a new chapter to the story of the Holocaust that many are unaware of.

The public is welcome to attend the event that will be held in the auditorium.

Below are three links. The first is the film's website, second is a trailer about the film, and the the third is a video sharing a story about a very special letter Frank donated to the USHMM.

They Played For Their Lives Website

Through intimate interviews and live performances, They Played for Their Lives artfully portrays how music saved the lives of young musicians. Playing music in the ghettos and concentration camps not only fostered spiritual strength within themselves and others, but often proved a bargaining tool that spared their lives.


They Played For Their Lives Trailer


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