Name Position School Email Phone Extension
Sara Burkhart School Counselor NMES 765-866-0740 409
Tracey Burkhart Chartwells LES
Brooke Busenbark Principal SJHS 765-866-2023 284
Loretta Bushong Library Aide NMES 765-866-0740 415
Stacy Butcher Cafeteria Monitor WES
Rachel Campbell Bus Driver Transportation
Lisa Chadd 2nd Grade Teacher NMES 765-866-0740 438
Dan Chadd 5th Grade Teacher NMES 765-866-0740 434
Kim Chadd High School Athletic Trainer SHS 765-866-0350 347/348
Kristin Charles Director of Business and Human Resources District Administration 765-866-0203 804
Aaron Charles Athletic Director SHS 765-866-0350 205
Kelly Clifton 5th Grade Teacher NMES 765-866-0740 437
Linda Clouser Custodial LES
Brittany Cooper Principal NMES 765-866-0740 403
Crystal Cope Administrative Assistant NMES 765-866-0740 401