Name Position School Email Phone Extension
Beth Binch Title I Aide WES 765-362-0542
Tessa Birdsong Little Mountie Preschool - 4 Year Old Lead NMES 765-866-0740
Wendy Black Math Department SJHS 765-866-2023 294
Kyle Blaydes Member Board of Trustees
Erin Blaydes Dean of Students / Athletic Director SJHS 765-866-2023
Desiree Boutwell Custodial SHS, SJHS
Denise Bowman 4th Grade Teacher NMES 765-866-0740 439
Pat Branson Chartwells NMES
Eric Brewer Principal WES, Transportation 765-362-0542 703
Eleanor Brewer Art Department SHS 765-866-0350 249
Natalie Brown 4th Grade Teacher NMES 765-866-0740 442
Clay Buck Physical Education Teacher NMES 765-866-0740 417
Donna Bullerdick Instructional Aide NMES 765-866-0740
Shelby Burger 5th Grade Teacher LES 765-942-2203 522
Jesse Burgess Principal SHS 765.866.0350