FFA Crops Team Wins 28th State Title

The Southmont FFA senior crops judging teams placed 1st, 2nd, and 6th at the State Crops Contest at Purdue on Saturday December 9, 2017 giving the school its 28th state title in crops judging.  There were 48 teams and 179 individuals in the contest.  The first place team members were David C., Emily T., Holly S., and Josie B.  The 2nd place team members were Erin W., Caleb S., Hannah I., and Bernice C. Lauren T., Quincy M., and Lilli M.made up the 6th place team.

Each member of the 1st place team will receive a $500 scholarship given by the Southmont FFA Chapter, and Emily T. will receive an additional $500 scholarship from the Purdue University Agronomy department for placing 1st individually.

Southmont FFA had 5 members in the top 10 at the contest. Emily T. placed 1st with 962 points out of a total of 1000, David C. placed 3rd, Josie B. placed 4th, Holly S. placed 5th, Erin W. placed 8th, and Caleb S. placed 11th.

The senior teams went undefeated this year winning 1st and 2nd at all the competitions. Their first contest was at the Purdue Invitational where they placed 1st, 2nd, and 4th. Also at the area contest the teams placed 1st, 2nd, and 4th. Emily T. was the first place individual in all three contests.

The junior team, went undefeated this year placing 1st at the Purdue, Southmont, Area, and State Contests.

The Southmont FFA Junior High Crops team also won the state championship.  There were a total of 12 junior teams and 53 individuals.  The champion team members were: Levi B., Cole R., Kylee R., and Caden S.  Each member will receive a $100 scholarship given by the Southmont FFA chapter for winning. Individually Levi B. placed 2nd, Cole R. placed 3rd, Kylee R. placed 6th, and Caden S. placed 11th.

Crops’ judging requires participants to identify 25 crops and weed plant specimens out of a list of 68 and 25 weed and crop seeds out of a list of 70 that are common in Indiana.  They also learn to grade eight grain samples according to the US grain grading standards and recognize grain diseases and damage factors that might lower grain quality and, therefore, market value.  The final part of the contest consists of a multiple choice quiz over weed control, crop production practices, and pesticide application techniques common in Indiana.

The members worked very hard this year staying after school for 2 hours every day during the season and 3 hours the week of a contest.  The senior teams won every contest this year continuing Southmont’s winning tradition.  During the last 39 years Southmont has won the State contest 28 times and placed 2nd in the state 12 times.